Watercolors for hair – Matrix Color Sync’s new line of colors

watercolor hair
from thefashionwonderland.com

Matrix’s innovative demi-permanent ammonia-free Color Sync brand has added a watercolor line for clients seeking bold shades for individual strands.

Color Sync by Matrix has several gloss formula lines that are used to tone natural hair color, previously colored hair, and blend/cover white hair. Their newest line, Watercolors, features funky oxidative shades that last up to 20 washes. Colors include Moss Green, Sapphire Blue, Berry Violet, and Coral Peach. Donna Mann, Matrix’s Director of Education Development, says this line is a fun coloring product for stylists.

“Designed for both precise application and diffusibility, this innovative tool lets stylists truly unleash their inner creativity,” Mann says.

Interested in this line and other Color Sync products? Check them all out on their website!

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