sun-damageThe pool has been calling your name all year ­ and now you finally get to jump in!

Hold on just a second ­ have you considered how chlorine impacts your gorgeous locks? Although the chemical used in pool water change the physical properties in hair, there are ways to keep your hair beautiful for all of your summer extravaganzas. Here are three ways to protect your hair from chlorine damage:

  1. Wash ASAP – Its a known fact that chlorine makes lighter hair green ­ but this doesn’t have to be the case! Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo immediately after swimming will keep your color in tact.
  2. Deep condition – Chlorine tends to dry out your hair quite a bit. Washing with a deep conditioner and letting git sit for 30 minutes prevents dryness. Along with this, scheduling deep conditioning appointments with your stylist every few weeks will restore the shine of your hair and relieve it of split ends.
  3. Shorten your locks – Not only is it wise to cut your hair due to the rising temperatures, but short hair can make your post­ swim hair care routine much, well, shorter. Doing so makes it easier to thoroughly clean every bit of your luscious locks!

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