Johnson & Johnson is purchasing Vogue International, a Florida­ based manufacturer and distributor of salon-grade hair care products, for a cool $3.3 billion.

Vogue creates affordable, high quality products with natural and exotic ingredients such as coconut water, Shea butter, and bamboo fibers. Their portfolio of hair care brands includes FX, OGX, Proganix, and Maui Moisture. While J&J already owns well­ known brands Neutrogena and Bebe, incorporating these new products will allow them to take an even bigger stake in the hair care products industry.

The reason for this acquisition is likely due to the eight percent decline in consumer sales J&J faced last year, whereas Vogue’s sales have been increasing by about 25 percent each year. Several well­known J&J brands, such as Tylenol, have been recalled over the years, resulting in the closing of a manufacturing plant and a loss in sales.

While we hope this acquisition helps J&J in the long term, we also hope that they continue to keep our favorite Vogue products the way they are ­ healthy for our hair and light on our wallets!

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