From Hollywood to college campuses, the faux gray hair trend among women in their twenties has become a wildly popular trend.

A recent article from CNNMoney states that while millennials tend to like making statements with their clothing, accessories, and hair, this particular fad also expresses the struggles that have aged their spirits. These include the facing of an economic collapse, failed job searches, social media bullying, and tragic world conflicts presented in the media.

While gray hair on youths is a funky and beautiful look, Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger salons in New York warns that the bleaching process involved in these dye jobs significantly changes the texture of the hair. This is because stylists need to be sure that ammonia from the bleach is able to easily take the dye.

Even so, we encourage young women to express themselves through hair color because it is something they can present to every person they encounter. Feeling free, wise, bold, and a bit eccentric is something that should be celebrated and admired. Of course, before undergoing this color change, clients are strongly encouraged to consult a hair care expert.

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